Punjab’s Sustainable Energy Future: The Energy Endorsement Label
2nd Workshop with Stakeholders - (SAMA^Verte / CLASP and PEECA Team )

CLASP is working with the Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency in Pakistan to promote efficient appliances that are cheaper to run through a new endorsement label.

In collaboration with the Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA), CLASP aims to enhance the Pakistani consumer appliance experience by introducing an innovative Energy Endorsement Label. This label will simplify the selection of energy-saving appliances that cost less to run, saving consumers money and bolstering a more resilient and sustainable national energy system.

“Our partnership with CLASP marks a significant milestone in our journey towards energy efficiency. By working together, we can create a sustainable future for Punjab while ensuring economic growth and environmental preservation.” – Mr. Abdur Rehman, Managing Director at PEECA

As temperatures soar and the national grid faces mounting pressure, the Energy Endorsement Label will play a pivotal role in fostering a more resilient future. According to the Asian Development Bank, Pakistan is expected to experience an alarming increase of temperatures from 3°C to 5°C by the end of the century. Punjab is experiencing some of the worst heat waves, leading to a surge in demand for air conditioning. As one of the highest energy-consuming appliances, the growth in demand for ACs will exacerbate energy consumption and result in higher carbon emissions if the more efficient ACs that are cheaper to run and available on the market now are not clearly labeled and marketed.

Total electricity consumption in Pakistan increased from 116,816 GWh in 2021 to 133,666.000 GWh in 2022 (CEIC). To address this rise, with CLASP’s technical support, PEECA are launching Punjab Procurement of Energy Efficient Appliances initiative. The first stage of the project encourages government departments and public enterprises to procure energy efficient ACs, motors and fans that meet stringent energy efficiency standards. These ACs are cheaper to run, are far less demanding on the national grid, and reduce carbon emissions. In the second stage, the endorsement label will be rolled out to the public.

The Energy Endorsement Label is destined to become a symbol of recognition for air conditioners, motors, and fans that excel in energy efficiency.. The aim is to encourage consumers to make more energy and cost-saving choices, as well incentivize manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient appliances. CLASP and PEECA will also conduct training programs, develop informational materials, and organized workshops to empower retailers, manufacturers, and consumers to support the transition to more energy-efficient appliances in Pakistan.

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