MEPS and Labels for Water Heaters

CLASP and SAMA^Verte Supports National Efficiency Policy for Gas Storage, Gas Instantaneous, and Electric Water Heaters

The water heater market in Pakistan continues to grow, making appliance energy efficiency increasingly more important. Gas storage water heaters have been regulated for a number of years and currently comprise most of the national market. These products are increasingly being replaced with smaller unregulated instantaneous gas heaters. As the availability of gas decreases, the prevalence of unregulated electric water heaters will also rise. The growing number of gas heaters will continue to strain an already unstable methane supply in Pakistan, making any reduction in consumption a valuable contribution.

Gas storage, instantaneous, and electric water heaters provide substantial potential for energy, cost, and carbon emission reductions.

CLASP and SAMA^Verte proposed to PSQCA and NEECA to update the existing test method for gas storage water heaters and to bring all three prominent technologies up to international efficiency standards. By adopting our proposed policies, Pakistan would have had the potential to reduce their energy consumption by over 15 TWh, gas use by close to 50,000 MMCF, and CO₂ emissions by over 16 Mt.

National Policy Developments:

CLASP and SAMA^Verte fast-tracked this project at the request of the Ministry of Science and Technology. They organized four stakeholder engagement workshops between September 2022 and March 2023 to discuss the water heater market, technologies, and potential policies.

 The team submitted proposed MEPS and test methods for gas storage and instantaneous water heaters to PSQCA and NEECA with the estimated reductions in GHG emissions, gas consumption, and consumer costs. The Ministerial Working Group considered our proposals and adopted a revised policy for gas storage water heaters, which has been approved and can be accessed on the PSQCA website.

SAMA^Verte has since been working with NEECA, PSQCA, and industry to set impactful labeling and MEPS requirements for gas instantaneous and electric water heaters.

More information from the stakeholder workshops is available for download.

  • 2nd Water Heater Stakeholder Workshop Meeting
  • 3rd Water Heater Stakeholder Workshop Meeting 
  • 4th Water Heater Stakeholder Workshop Meeting 
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