MEPS and Labels for Fans

CLASP and SAMA^Verte Supports First Voluntary Energy Label for Ceiling Fans

In Pakistan, where fans are the primary cooling appliance, the sweltering summer months exacerbate peak energy demand—over 20 million Pakistanis have no access to the grid, and an additional 75 million suffer 12 hours or more of load-shedding daily (i.e., no power).

In addition to supporting the voluntary fan label program, together with SAMA^Verte, CLASP spearheaded a major government bulk procurement and fan replacement program now being funded by the World Bank that jettisoned inefficient, energy-intensive fans with high-efficiency models in government health and education facilities. The team also provided institutional support to NEECA to develop an extensive compliance strategy for the fans policy.

Since the launch of the initiative of voluntary fan label program, over 20 large and medium-sized fan manufacturers have registered their models under the voluntary scheme and over 700,000 energy labeled fans have been sold in the market. By 2030, the purchase of these efficient fans will result in cumulative savings in energy of 491GWh, 335,000 tonnes of CO₂ and $70m.

Source: World Bank

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