Driving Energy Efficiency in Punjab with PEECA and Introducing the New Energy Endorsement Label


Rising global temperatures pose a significant threat to Pakistan, with projections indicating an alarming increase of 3°C to 5°C by the end of the century under a central emissions scenario, and even higher rises of 4°C to 6°C for higher emissions scenarios (ADB, 2021). As Punjab experiences scorching heat waves, the demand for air conditioning is surging, exacerbating energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In response, the Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA) has emerged as a pivotal player in Pakistan’s efforts to combat climate change and reduce energy consumption. Collaborating with CLASP, PEECA spearheads the pioneering Punjab Procurement of Energy Efficient Appliances initiative. Together, they are introducing an innovative Energy Endorsement Label, designed to revolutionize consumer choices, promote energy efficiency, and pave the way for a sustainable future.

High-level stat for context:

The total electricity consumption in Pakistan witnessed a significant upturn, reaching 133,666GWh in 2022, indicating a 14% increase from the previous year’s recorded consumption of 116,816 GWh (CEIC). This surge in energy usage highlights the urgent need to address greenhouse gas emissions. With the rising demand for air conditioners, motors, and fans, the promotion of more energy-efficient appliances becomes paramount, not only to curb energy consumption but also to save costs for households in Punjab.

The Punjab Procurement of Energy Efficient Appliances initiative:

To address the growing energy consumption in Punjab, CLASP and PEECA laid the foundation for the Punjab Procurement of Energy Efficient Appliances initiative, which focuses on promoting the most energy-efficient air conditioners, motors, and fans. The primary objective of this initiative is to encourage Punjab government departments and public enterprises to procure energy-efficient appliances that meet stringent energy efficiency standards in the first stage. In the second stage of the project, the consumer initiative will be implemented making energy endorsement labeled appliances available to the general public.

Although not yet planned an envisaged bulk replacement program by the province in the near to medium term future has the potential to reduce its annual energy consumption by up to 20%. This reduction will result in substantial cost savings for households and a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.


The Punjab Energy Endorsement Label:

At the core of this collaboration lies the importance of consumer awareness and choice. To empower consumers and transform market dynamics, CLASP and PEECA developed the Energy Endorsement Label. This innovative labeling system provides standardized and easily recognizable most energy-efficient air conditioners, motors, and fans. Consumers can make informed decisions to acquire the energy performance, annual energy consumption, and cost savings associated with each appliance by identifying the appliances marked by the endorsement label. The Energy Endorsement Label serves as a powerful tool, guiding consumers towards energy-conscious options and incentivizing manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient appliances.

Partnerships and Quotes:

PEECA has been a key partner in this transformative initiative, actively promoting energy efficiency in Punjab. Mr. Abdur Rehman, Managing Director at PEECA, expressed the significance of collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with CLASP marks a significant milestone in our journey towards energy efficiency. By working together, we can create a sustainable future for Punjab while ensuring economic growth and environmental preservation.”

Additional Details and Progress:

CLASP’s involvement in the Punjab Procurement of Energy Efficient Appliances initiative extends beyond setting standards.

To raise awareness and build capacity, CLASP and PEECA will be conducted training programs, develop informational materials, and organized workshops. These initiatives will empower retailers, manufacturers, and consumers with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices. By encouraging retailers to stock and promote energy-efficient appliances, the initiative establishes a market that caters to consumer demand for sustainability.

Looking Ahead and Cross-Links:

As Punjab takes strides toward a more energy-efficient future, the possible impact of the Punjab Procurement of Energy Efficient Appliances initiative and the Energy Endorsement Label can be significant. The analysis conducted through this initiative will inform future policies and actions, ensuring continuous progress in the energy efficiency sector. Furthermore, the knowledge gained from Punjab’s case can serve as a valuable resource for national level actions as well as other regions and countries seeking to enhance their energy efficiency efforts.

By leveraging expertise, sharing best practices, and working closely with local stakeholders, CLASP and PEECA are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.




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