Carbon Footprint Consulting

SAMA^Verte has been a valuable partner in providing consulting services to an air-conditioner manufacturing facility since 2015. Their services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the facility and cover a wide range of areas related to energy consumption and emissions.

One key aspect of SAMA^Verte‘s consulting is their work in calculating the carbon footprint of the facility. This involves analyzing the various sources of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the facility’s operations, such as energy consumption, transportation, and waste management. With this information, SAMA^Verte is able to help the facility develop strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.

In addition to carbon footprint calculation, SAMA^Verte conducts an annual overall audit of energy consumption at the facility. This helps the facility identify areas where energy is being used inefficiently and opportunities for improvement. Based on the audit findings, SAMA^Verte provides support on reporting and improvement plans, which can include recommendations for equipment upgrades or process changes to reduce energy consumption.

SAMA^Verte‘s consulting services also involve the identification of fugitive emissions, which are emissions that are not directly released into the atmosphere but are instead leaked from equipment or facilities. By identifying these emissions, SAMA^Verte is able to help the facility develop strategies to reduce or eliminate them.

Another important aspect of SAMA^Verte’s consulting is their electric motor analysis. This involves analyzing the performance of the facility’s electric motors and identifying opportunities for energy savings through more efficient operation or replacement with more energy-efficient motors.

Finally, SAMA^Verte conducts thermal imaging to identify areas of heat loss within the facility. This helps the facility identify areas where insulation or other improvements can be made to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, SAMA^Verte‘s consulting services provide a comprehensive approach to energy and emissions management for the air-conditioner manufacturing facility. By working closely with the facility to identify opportunities for improvement and develop strategies for sustainability, SAMA^Verte is helping the facility reduce its environmental impact while also improving its bottom line.

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