1000 kW Solar Net Metering Case Study (Pakistan’s 1st)

SAMA^Verte has played a pivotal role in pioneering the implementation of Net-Metering solutions in Pakistan. In 2016-17,  SAMA^Verte experts collaborated with Adam Smith International and DfID UK to implement a 1000 kW Solar Net Metering project for the National Assembly building in Pakistan. This was a landmark project, representing the first-ever Net-Metering solution in Pakistan.

The Solar Power system was installed and connected to the national grid, allowing the National Assembly to generate its own electricity and feed excess power back into the grid. SAMA^Verte experts were involved in every step of the process, from designing the system to overseeing the installation and commissioning. The system was designed to meet the specific needs of the National Assembly building, taking into account factors such as energy demand, available roof space, and the local climate.

As part of this project, SAMA^Verte also prepared a case study on the Net-Metering solution, highlighting its benefits and success. The launch of the case study was organized by the Speaker of the National Assembly, and it was widely disseminated to raise awareness about the potential of Net-Metering solutions in Pakistan. The case study served as a valuable resource for other organizations and institutions looking to implement similar solutions, and helped to catalyze further investment in renewable energy in the country.

Overall, SAMA^Verte is proud to have contributed to this pioneering project, which represents a significant milestone in the development of renewable energy in Pakistan. By demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of Net-Metering solutions, SAMA^Verte has helped to pave the way for further investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the country.

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