Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards, Labels Development

SAMA^Verte is playing an important role in helping Pakistan achieve its GHG emission reduction goals by supporting the development of enhanced energy efficiency standards and labeling for priority appliances. This initiative is being carried out in collaboration with CLASP USA, DfID United Kingdom, and IFC.

One of the key areas where SAMA^Verte is providing support is in establishing appropriate testing facilities for priority appliances such as electric motors and distribution transformers. These facilities are necessary for ensuring that the appliances meet the energy efficiency standards that are being developed. SAMA^Verte is working closely with the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) and the Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA) to ensure that the testing facilities are set up to the required specifications.

In addition to establishing testing facilities, SAMA^Verte is also providing support to NEECA and PEECA in developing energy efficiency standards for appliances. These standards will help to ensure that appliances sold in Pakistan meet minimum energy efficiency requirements, which will in turn reduce GHG emissions and save energy costs for consumers. SAMA^Verte is working with relevant stakeholders, including manufacturers, to ensure that the standards are practical and achievable.

Another important aspect of SAMA^Verte’s work in Pakistan is its engagement with relevant stakeholders. This includes manufacturers, who will be responsible for implementing the new standards and labels, as well as other stakeholders in the energy and environment sectors. By working closely with these stakeholders, SAMA^Verte is helping to build support for the new standards and labels and ensure their successful implementation.

Overall, SAMA^Verte’s work in Pakistan is a critical part of the country’s efforts to reduce its GHG emissions and promote energy efficiency. By supporting the development of enhanced energy efficiency standards, establishing testing facilities, and engaging with stakeholders, SAMA^Verte is helping to lay the groundwork for a more sustainable future in Pakistan.

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